About Boomworks

We are a Sydney based agency who specialise in online strategy, user-centred design and development.

Boomworks is a uniquely positioned internet agency, offering end-to-end web-based solutions that are developed through our user-centred design methodology.

Boomworks has an innovative approach to information architecture, interaction design and visual design. We have replaced the traditional approach of developing static wireframes and then passing these to the creative team to apply a visual design, with a more iterative approach.

At Boomworks, the development of the visual design is tightly coupled with the development of the user experience. We recognise that the user experience results from the response to the design, the layout and functionality of the site. Early involvement of the creative team in the design process ensures the vision for the site incorporates all elements that will impact the users’ onsite interactions.

Our interface development team create high-fidelity functional prototypes that fully represent the proposed site experience, which we test with actual users, allowing us to gather detailed feedback on all aspects of the design. We utilise the user feedback to refine the site and then retest it through subsequent rounds to further improve the experience.

The final piece of the puzzle is provided by our highly skilled application developers, who take the fully refined solutions and deliver them via the Ektron CMS solution (or another ASP.NET (C#), ColdFusion, PHP or Ruby on Rails solution of your choice).

Beyond the work delivered for clients, Boomworks follows a number of work practices to support the broader community and our employees. For the past three years, Boomworks has engaged Carbon Planet to conduct a comprehensive audit of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions establishing our carbon footprint. This footprint has then been offset through the purchase of carbon credits from the NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme (GGRS). Boomworks continue to take steps to minimise our carbon footprint through a number of internal recycling and energy policies.

As importantly, Boomworks are the proud Zoo Parents of the pygmy hippos at Taronga Zoo. The small but perfectly formed pygmy hippos’ grumpy disposition quite inexplicably brings happiness to Boomworks staff and clients. With the arrival of a new baby to our pygmy hippo herd, we now feel more like zoo grandparents.


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