Do I love my job?

I am going to start with a simple question: do you love your job?

If the answer is yes, you should consider yourself quite lucky. What’s better than getting paid to do what you love?

My answer? Keep reading this blog post.

Being a UX designer, my job consists of dealing with technology and its constant evolution – but that is not all. I also observe how people respond to this extremely fast progression and I try to interpret their needs, making sure that what I’m designing makes sense from their perspective first.

“If you’re only looking at the problem from your own point of view, you’re only going to be, at best, half right.” Jesse James Garret – co-founder Adaptive Path, coined the term AJAX.

As a designer, I also have the big responsibility of influencing how people see certain things which consequently can have a huge impact on their decisions.

Consumers spend between 7–22% more with companies that they believe provide excellent customer service.”  Information released by the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer.

Quotes apart, here is my summary: my job is about staying up-to date with technologies, being creative, understanding different people’s needs and designing for the ease of use. How awesome is that?

You would think that I’ve already answered my initial question, but actually one of the best is yet to come…

My job is also about dealing with different types of organisations, their identity, their people, visions, services, and most importantly their competitors. his might not sound so exciting, but it actually is.

In the last twelve months I’ve been working on a wide range of great projects for organisations that offer superannuation funds, telecommunication products, sustainable living tips, online banking services, health insurance cover and house seeking resources. Through my research efforts I am now more conscious on how to take care of my super funds having in mind that one day I’ll retire. I’ve also learnt interesting things on how to live in a more sustainable way. Furthermore, I found out that my current savings account is not giving me the best interest rate. I finally understand how the lifetime health cover loading works and how to choose the right health cover. Last but not least, I know the main aspects and information to consider and where to find them when I’ll be looking for my dream house.

This is all I learned in one year and I am so excited to learn more and more in the projects to come.

Are looking for a more gainful saving account? Not sure about the health cover that would suit you the best? Or are you looking to buy a home?

Come and see me, I’m sure I can help!

Do I love my job? For sure!

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