Light, music and ideas

I realised why I loved Vivid so much when Destination NSW stated that they benchmark themselves against SXSW as a major festival. And Austin ain’t got no lights!

Vivid panel and MCA

Vivid Sydney was recently rated as one of the top 10 ideas festivals by UK’s The Guardian. There have been world-leading speakers, thinkers and creatives over the last two weeks giving keynotes and sitting on panels including:

  • Chad Dickerson, CEO Etsy
  • Jake Nickell, co-founder/CCO Threadless
  • Frank Chimero, creative thought leader
  • Cory Doctorow, SF writer and Boing Boing co-founder
  • Marita Cheng, Young Australian of the Year
  •, rockstar

Podcasts of all the sessions held at the MCA in the Vivid Ideas Exchange are available at 2ser. There are also some blog posts on the sessions up on the Vivid Business site. Videos are expected to go up on ABC Big Ideas site at some stage as well.

Vivid comes to an end on Monday and if you haven’t yet been into the city at night get in there(!) and check out the 50 light installations and sculptures. Take a camera and grab some amazing pictures like those on Flickr.

Circular Quay light installations and Eat Art Truck outside Customs House

Vivid is only four years old and aims to be one of NSW’s marquee events – it will only get bigger and better! Let us know if there were any sessions/events that you particularly liked in the comments.

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